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The Dangers Of Buying Professional Salon Products From A Drug Store

I grew up with a mom who was a hair stylist. This came with a lot of perks, of course, like never having to pay for a hair cut, and always having someone to style my hair. We also would always go to this store especially for people licensed in the beauty industry to buy our shampoos and hair products. I remember seeing a product we would regularly buy at this specific store in a drug store near our house and asked her why we didn't just buy our products here. She explained simply that when you purchase these professional products from someone other than a salon, or a store licensed to sell these products, it could actually be very dangerous. You have no way of guaranteeing what you are actually purchasing because the companies who create these professional products only guarantee safe and untampered with products when purchased from the professional beauty salon industry. If you purchase one of these professional products from somewhere outside of the professional salon industry, there is no guarantee what you are putting on your hair is what you bought or is even safe for use.

The act of companies not in the beauty industry selling these products is called diversion. The major beauty conglomerate Matrix has a whole page on their website condemning diversion and warning their customers to only purchase their products from salon's or beauty officials. They explain that "Diverted products can be counterfeit, diluted formulas, or old, expired formulas that may not be safe to use. Matrix states on all its advertising, "Genuine Products Guaranteed Only In Salons." This means if you buy our products in a supermarket, drugstore or any other outlet other than a salon or authorized salon related websites, we cannot guarantee that it is an authentic Matrix product that will perform as tested. Additionally, Matrix products sold outside of salons are typically priced 15% or more than in a salon." All professional products state on the back of their bottles that they can only guarantee the genuine product when they are sold in salons or licensed beauty stores. So, stated simply, if you purchase these products from any other place, for example, Target, Ulta, Walmart, or any drug store, you could potentially be putting something harmful in your hair.

It's always worth it to just buy your products directly from your Salon, even if you end up paying a little more. You are guaranteed to get the product you pay for when you purchase straight from a Salon, and you could also be protecting yourself from potential damage to your hair or your health.


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