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Summer Hair Trends For 2020

Do you want to give yourself a fabulous new summer hairstyle, but aren't sure exactly what you want? Check out this list of 6 fabulous hair styles that are all the rage this summer. From blunt bobs, to balayage's, you are sure to find your new hairstyle!

1. Shag Hair Cuts

According to Amber Maynard Bolt, a master stylist at Nine Zero One in Los Angeles, she sees shag haircuts becomings increasingly more popular this summer!

According to her it is a great hair cut to get if you have attempted to cut your own hair, (which is 90% of the population during quarantine)! A shag haircut is a perfect way to fix some haphazardly cut bangs, and it is stylish, too!

2. Lob Hair Cuts

A lob haircut is a hairstyle that sits between the chin and collarbone and grazes the nape of the neck. A lot of celebrities are rocking this hairstyle, and it is the perfect style for those who want a haircut, but are nervous to go too short!

3. Blunt Bobs

If you are really craving a change, the blunt bob is for you! Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been seen rocking this look. This look is best for heart, oval, and square-shaped faces.

4. Roots

This next trend is simple, and perfect for the time we are living in. Showing your roots! This style looks good with any hair color, and showing your natural roots is the best route! It is low maintenance, and very stylish.

5. Balayage

Balayage has always been in, but especially in our salon, it is all the rage! The process involves hand-painting color onto the hair in order to create a dark to light ombre effect. It is a fabulous look for summer!


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