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Recycling At Salon Pasca

In this day in age, recycling is extremely important. In all aspects of life, we are encouraged to recycle and reduce waste because it helps the environment and keeps our earth healthy. In the fashion industry sustainable fashion brands have become extremely popular because the clothing industry is one of the biggest sources of waste in the world and sustainable fashion brands have found a solution to creating clothing without hurting our planet. Salons are also a big source of waste since we go through many plastic bottles of shampoo and product a day, between using them and selling them.

At Salon Pasca we are always thinking of innovative ways of helping our planet. One of our most recent ideas is reusable shampoo bottles. If you bring in a shampoo bottle you previously purchased, or any reusable 4, 8, or 12 ounce container you have, and choose to get it refilled instead of purchasing another bottle, you will get 5 dollars off the original price! This deal works with both shampoo and conditioner. You'll be saving money and helping the planet. It's definitely a win win situation.