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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy During The Change Of Seasons

You aren't the only one who can get the end of summer blues, your hair does too! The change in seasons can be a lot for your hair to take. Here are some tips to keep your hair happy and healthy while you enjoy all of your Fall festivities.

1. Know Your Hair

Is your hair or scalp prone to get really dry in the Winter? Do you tend to see more hair in the drain at this time of year than any else? The first step is identifying the problem so you are on the right track! If you notice any of these patterns in your hair definitely talk to your hair stylist right away.

2. Shower Responsibly

I know it is tempting to take hot showers, especially when it is chilly out. But, when you are wetting your hair, make sure its a cooler temperature. It locks in more moisture and is all around better for your hair. Also, switch to a more nourishing shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp and your hair healthy. Ask your Stylist for suggestions if you are not sure what shampoo to use! 3. Visit Your Stylist

My last tip is to keep scheduling those haircuts with your stylist! Keeping up with getting your hair trimmed is an important way in keeping your hair healthy. If you don't keep up, your hair gets too many split ends and the length gets all out of wack. Take care for your hair if you want her to be nice to you! And while you are here getting your hair trimmed, treat yourself to one of our professional rituals offered in our Salon to moisturize and give your hair a little TLC!


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